colloidal silica gel joints aging symptoms

Silicone fittings, silicone accessories and other products are mainly used in the accessories connecting pipes, bonding and other effects, a common phenomenon for the connector pipe for the shock situation is mainly connected to small caliber can be twisted and disassembled products, so small Pipeline products will not be too much pressure and jitter phenomenon, after the connection will inevitably be the impact and force caused by zigzag vibration phenomenon, the use of unstable conditions will naturally affect the life of products and aging faster Life and the product can be used normally in the silicone interface you find what causes the aging of it?
For the reasons for aging, the use of the product for the different said, by the heat, light, oxygen and the frequency of the use of the frequent changes in the number of long-term use of the incorrect way and the resulting performance The use of the results, the product gradually aging, and silicone joints used in the raw materials are ordinary industrial silica gel, the basic conditions are required to achieve a certain effect, for the use of different methods and precautions caused by diy necklace aging, so in different circumstances Such as the emergence of soft, sticky, deformation and rupture of the basic product that is about to lose performance!
Therefore, the silicone products manufacturers concluded that, in addition to the quality of the product itself, in the normal product case, different silicone products under different conditions of use, there is no way to use the correct way to use the aging rate The degree of different, due to the use of different climate differences, different seasons may lead to a comprehensive aging reaction. For the aging of the product, mainly with heat, light, oxygen, liquid and other circumstances caused by several.
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