China Rubber Association Ninth Election Conference Outstanding

In the rubber and plastics industry which mixed for so long, you know the director of Chemical Rubber Association, Rubber and Plastic Association, silicone silicone products industry is part of the rubber industry as a rapid development of China’s chemical industry Of a major bright spot, so it is necessary to always pay attention to the entire rubber and plastics industry.
November 2016 China Rubber September Select the General Assembly successfully completed the general election. Deng Yali was elected president of the Ninth Council of China Rubber Association, Xu Wenying was elected vice president and secretary general, recommended Fan Rende as honorary president.
The conference should be on behalf of 510 people, the actual to 496 people, issued 496 votes, 496 votes returned, all agreed to 490, 3 votes, 3 votes, in line with the relevant requirements.
The General Assembly elected 466 members of the 9th Council and 192 executive directors.
Deng Yali was elected president of China Rubber Industry Association.
28 vice president, including five senior vice president:
Ding Yuhua Company; Chairman of Triangle Group Co., Ltd
Shen Jirong Chairman of Zhongze Rubber Group Co., Ltd.
Yuan Zhongxue Chairman of Soft Control Co., Ltd.
Chu Zhengyu Double Money Tire Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board
Chai Yongsen gingerbread men cookies Tire Branch Chairman, Double Star Group Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board

The meeting recommended Fan Rende honorary president of diy necklace China Rubber Industry Association.
Held in the afternoon of the China Rubber Industry Association, the ninth session of the Council and the Executive Council, considered and adopted the \ and \ The Elected 77 delegates for the ninth session of the China Rubber Industry Association; selected Zhongzhong Rubber Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Shen Jinrong for the 2016 ~ 2018 annual business implementation.
At the same time, China Rubber Association in recognition of the last (2014 ~ 2016) business implementation, the original Fengshen Tire Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Feng. Wang Feng during his tenure, conscientiously perform their duties in the development of major events on the industry offer advice and suggestions, and actively promote the industry advanced technology information communication, and vigorously promote the industry in energy saving and environmental protection, improve product quality and green development strategy and other aspects of the work progress.
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