Characteristics and Application of Silicone

Silicone sleeve features:
One, can be deformed, high temperature, Naisuan Jian, non-expansion characteristics.
Second, shrink the complex modulus, silicone molding shrinkage in one thousandth.

3, with outstanding ability to adapt, outstanding tear, silicone sleeve is not only beautiful, so that your electronic equipment or the object is not deformed, there is bangles the role of anti-wrestling, at 200 degrees Celsius high temperature, without any problems , Minus -50 degrees of silicone sets are still not broken. Still very soft and can be effective equipment.
4, silicone sleeve is 100% pure natural solid products, environmental protection, non-toxic, green, low-carbon products.
Application of silicone sleeve:
One, electronic equipment to avoid the screen and body scratches;
Second, the silicone sleeve to avoid the nail and the button for a long time touch wear;
Third, the phone sets to print a variety of drawings, play a beautiful effect;
4, silicone sets with anti-skid effect.
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About Silicone Factory
gingerbread men cookies Nbsp; \ Di Bo silicone rubber products factory has always uphold the production. The company uses advanced scientific ERP management system, and with the relevant agencies, laboratories, professional testing companies and well-known listed companies have a good relationship of cooperation, the establishment of its own quality inspection system.
About silicone sets
The production of silicone sets is a complex process, the quality of good or bad in addition to machine and human factors outside. Intermediate inspection is the key to discovering and addressing major product quality issues. Therefore, to maintain the normal operation of the machine, the mold of a good working condition, to strengthen the operation of operators and quality control personnel skills and quality awareness training is to reduce the key to poor production, but also where the business benefits.
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