Application of Sealing Ring in Silicone Products

Seal products are now for many friends may be no one knows, and now the silicone products are also very common in the market scene, and for the use of seals, in many places have a wide range of useful in our family Which we can look at a lot of electronic equipment inconspicuous ring, although the use of different seats in different, but the silicone seal can play and very critical application, his main purpose is that we are some of the relatively combined pipeline and some auxiliary The cooperation of the products keeps our gas or liquid for the purpose of not revealing.

A lot of things in life will use the silicone seal, and in the car’s rubber seals and silicone seal with almost the same, but because the silicone and rubber material is different in the so and so on. The use of different areas, silica gel is relatively more expensive than rubber, silicone seals are mainly used for life and some of our frequent contact or use of equipment, and rubber seals in the machinery industry, some touch the seat, silicone and The biggest difference between rubber is the non-toxic and toxic substances, but in the automotive rubber products relative to the use of silicone products a little more, in the car silicone seal ring is mainly used for some key seats in the engine o-ring to get the key to use.
In the machinery industry, a lot of places do not seal the ring, in some of our lubricants to play more machinery, silicone seals can be effective in the oil into the equipment, wear and so on the problem, a lot of silicone seal characteristics , A variety of materials, seals have a variety of use and characteristics, the general silicone seal has good flexibility and resilience, expansion strength, elongation and tear strength and so strong. Stable performance, simple processing, a very good corrosion resistance, non-polluting and so on.
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