A Brief Introduction to the Releasing Problem of Silicone Products

Front time introduced a lot about the production of silicone products and for mom technology issues, and now Xiaobian for everyone to share on the production process of silicone products in the release of the problem. If a silicone products in the production of the most difficult problem is what? I believe that a lot of technicians or operators will say that the product release problem. Silicone keys may not encounter such a problem, the plane of the silicone products are very easy to stripping, mainly off the miscellaneous pieces of silicone. Silicone miscellaneous pieces refer to the products other than the silicone keys. In the whole industry, the name of the miscellaneous pieces is too wide, and almost a lot of silicone products are called miscellaneous pieces of silicone.


Often do small silicone keys may not feel the demolition of the problem, the silicone key is the main process is more, generally out of the product molding, are usually to be printed after the silk screen. Although the miscellaneous pieces of silicone are not all need silk screen, but some miscellaneous pieces of mold is the most troublesome manufacturer of silicone products, of course, sometimes because the mold is not done, and some may be because the technical staff of improper operation, In addition to these problems, there is a large part of the reasons or such miscellaneous pieces of silicone in the shape are grotesque,
Each touch of the arrival of the touch may be a new silicone products. New product production process is different, so many times are more challenging. The silicone button is so several types, whether it is technology or technology, are often familiar with. And miscellaneous pieces of silicone is like exploring the existence of another earth in the same. Encountered every planet may be grotesque, so do miscellaneous pieces of silicone more challenging, so that the manufacturers of silicon miscellaneous pieces is the most production technology and strength of the manufacturers.
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Di Bo silicone rubber products factory has always uphold the production. The company uses advanced scientific ERP management system, and with the relevant universities, laboratories and professional testing companies and well-known listed companies have a good relationship of cooperation, the establishment of its own quality inspection system.

About silicone products
The production of Dibi Silicone products is a complex process, the quality of good or bad in addition to the machine and human factors outside. Intermediate inspection is the key to discovering and addressing major product quality issues. Therefore, to maintain the normal operation of the machine, the mold of a good working condition, to strengthen the operation of operators and quality control personnel skills and quality awareness training is to reduce the key to poor production, but also where the business benefits.
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