2016 National silicone rubber products environmental conference held in Qingdao

July 3, China’s rubber and plastics industry in Qingdao held a green environmental security market conference, a few years before the green benchmarking enterprise conference this year’s conference once again to the masses to promote the basic knowledge of products and Safety common sense norms, and constantly let us over silicone products to promote more markets, the meeting of China Industrial Rubber Association president stressed that Safety common sense norms, and constantly let us have the silicone products to promote more markets, the meeting of China Industrial Rubber and Plastics Association to emphasize, “now market from the past decade, has been the majority of consumers alike Recognition, but also by the rapid development of quality and innovation in the continuous breakthroughs in more and more, we have gradually in our lives, in the future for the \ period to increase the intensity of innovation, low carbon, green , Several aspects of security to proceed.

According to Dibi silicone manufacturers Xiao Bian understand that in the past ten years, China’s rubber industry tire has been nearly eleven consecutive years to become the world’s first sales in the country, in the silicone rubber products, A variety of solid silicone rubber products to become the world’s major supplier of power, in the construction, military, automotive, life, electronics, etc. have been very gingerbread men cookies good application. So the rubber industry has been the attention of consumers around the world, have begun to realize the importance of the safety of plastic, and take the initiative to choose a safe silicone products to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, let us live in a more environmentally friendly.
Today, silicone products have been fully spread to the market, China’s many rubber and plastics industry on the silicone products manufacturers are in different production processes to produce different products to maintain market innovation, the green products have strict requirements, Silicone rubber products into the market, in recent years, many manufacturers teething through the ISO9001 through the certification, the majority of products to do FDA, ROHS, REACH and other testing and certification to ensure that the product of green, security.
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