2015 silicone products factory have those who deserve your attention

2015 is about to finish, but in the remaining few months, the Guangdong silicone manufacturers will usher in what kind of storms, how many boss tears Kuangchen, Fengfenghuolong finished half a year it Many manufacturers can not continue to recruiting silicone products, no business can not talk about this issue. In particular, some of the silicone manufacturers in Zhuhai, the factory holiday for a week, as many as ten days and a half months. And look at the first half, the silicone products industry is a very light season, whether it is silicone keys, or miscellaneous pieces of products, gave us a lesson, that is, regardless of business size, should be transformed,
In contrast to other companies, the competition for silicone products is nothing, but officially because of the number of small manufacturers under the line of malicious prices led to the product again and again, and then the three down. Because there is no profit, product quality is not very clearance, resulting in a large number of poor quality products into the market, which is in the market, in this, Dibi silicone products manufacturers called peer friends, smashing only one price, that is forced himself. We should put their own and the target market to do a good plan to find their own advantages in order to be invincible in the whole industry.
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Di Bo products factory has always uphold the production. The company uses advanced scientific ERP management system, and with the relevant agencies, laboratories, professional testing companies and well-known listed companies have a good relationship of cooperation, the establishment of its own quality inspection system.
About silicone products
The production of silicone rubber products is a complex process, the quality of good or bad in addition to the machine and human factors. Intermediate inspection is the key to discovering and addressing major product quality issues. Therefore, to maintain the normal operation of the machine, the mold of a good working condition, to strengthen the operation of operators and quality control personnel skills and quality awareness training is to reduce the key to poor production, teething necklace but also where the business benefits.
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